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Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation Soft Tissue Injury First Aid
Treatment Tips for Immediate Sports Injury and Soft Tissue Injury First Aid

If you suffer an injury such as a sprain, strain, muscle pull, or tear, immediate first aid treatment can prevent complications and help you heal faster. One of the most popular acronyms to remember if […]

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Back Pain 101

What is a low back strain or lumbar sprain?
Muscle strains and lumbar sprains are the most common causes of low back pain. A low back muscle strain occurs when the muscle fibers are abnormally stretched or torn. A lumbar sprain occurs when the ligaments, the tough bands of tissue that hold bones together, are torn […]

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Shoulder Strains

The shoulder is a complex joint and it has good mobility with fair stability. Due to the demands placed upon the joint, and its structural limitations, the shoulder is a common area of injury. Both acute trauma (occurring quickly and suddenly) and chronic overuse or repetitive movement can result in injury to the shoulder.

Shoulder Anatomy

The […]

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Overcoming Arthritis Pain

Hand arthritis pain can be very painful. It has the potential to affect nearly every aspect of life. From opening doors, jars, cans and medicine bottles, to causing difficulty grasping everyday utensils and clothing items. Here are some top tips to reduce the stress on your joints while engaging in the activities you perform every […]

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Is Military Posture for Low Back Pain Really A Good Idea?

Several of us who have been to physical therapy know how much of an emphasis physical therapists place on posture, and for good reason too. How we position our back decides whether our body is placed into optimal alignment which can help offload sore muscles and joints through our trunk, shoulders, and neck.

Correct posture can […]

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A Notable Review



“No one could tell me why it was taking so long to recover from my surgery. On my second visit for work conditioning they found out why and we worked to correct the problem. Within a few weeks I knew I was going to get all of my strength back the numb area […]

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Is Your Smartphone Hurting Your Hands?

Have you noticed how often you use your smart phone? Make sure to take a break every so often, and to exercise your digits.

Here are a few examples of exercises that our Occupational and Physical Therapists would recommend when encountering hand/finger/wrist pain associated with your smartphone.


Check out this video from the Today Show for more […]

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Yoga Poses To Increase Your Energy

Exercise in general can boost your mood, but when you can’t muster the energy or the time to head to the gym, or go for a run, yoga is a great alternative. The increase in oxygen to your muscles will allow you to feel more alert and focused. Do these 4 moves recommended by

Modified […]

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Running in Cooler Temps

As the temperatures start to fall, here are some helpful tips to prevent injuries when running outside.

In order to avoid shocking your muscles, a good warm up is essential and will also prevent injuries from occurring. A warm up will usually include some dynamic stretches, meaning you are moving as you stretch. It is beneficial […]

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Mystery Pain Leading to Frustration and Confusion?

The surprising answer to unusual pain.

Ever had pain that just didn’t seem to go away? No matter what you did that pain continued to persist. You have tried everything. Physical therapy. Occupational therapy. Chiropractor. Massage. Injections. Even the cream that you saw on an infomercial that promised to cure everything. You’re not […]