January 2015

We want to share an amazing story from our patient Bobby, who has worked hard with the therapists out at the Spokane Valley Clinic to get back into good health and get back to work!

The Path to My Summit

On February 6, 2014 I slipped on some ice and injured my back.  The road to recovery has been long and frustrating.  For the past year it seems as though I have been climbing a mountain.  At times the path seemed too steep.  Success was out of my reach.

My injury was a herniated disc that needed surgery.  After three surgeries I was left dealing with some complications.  My butt and legs had nerve pain constantly.  This nerve pain robbed my legs of strength and stamina.

Approximately eight months post-surgery I was prescribed

Summit Rehab Spokane Valley

physical therapy and occupational therapy.  The therapy didn’t go well; in fact it was discouraging and disappointing.  The staff worked hard with me but my body wasn’t responding.  I was informed that there was nothing else they could do.  I was terminated from the program and advised to get a psychological evaluation.  The path to the summit seemed out of reach.
In November, my surgeon told me that my nerve issues could very well be permanent.  He also told me that with a lot of hard work I could push through it.  He referred me to Summit Rehabilitation Associates (SRA).  The goal was to go through PT and OT.  If that went well I would start a work hardening program.  The ultimate goal was returning to work; the summit.

First impressions really go a long way.  My first contact with SRA was with an extremely friendly and knowledgeable associate named Tara.  She explained the doctor’s orders and soon we were confirming appointment times.  Not once did she ask for a claim number or who was paying for this.  She really put me at ease, leaving me with a good feeling about my road to recovery.

Once again, first impressions can truly set the tone.  On my first visit I was given a comprehensive evaluation by Drew.  Drew and Melissa are my physical therapists.  I was amazed they knew so much about my condition.  They weren’t reading a chart for the first time in front of me.  They had a positive vibe that was really contagious.  They never set goals for me, instead they wanted to know what MY goals were.

Next stop was Andy.  He is my occupational therapist; an all-around class act who genuinely cares.  He also educated himself about my condition prior to our meeting.  He didn’t tell me about my job; instead he asked me about my job.  “What is a typical day like?” “What concerns do you have?”  Andy just seemed to ooze with confidence and some spilled on me.  Needless to say, day one was a huge success.

Andy, Drew, and Melissa tailored a personalized therapy program that aggressively addressed my needs.  As quickly as two weeks, I was noticing changes.  My leg strength was coming back.  In a month, weight was coming off and even more strength in my legs.  My final week was amazing.  Although I still suffered from nerve pain; I was able to be on my feet much of the day.  The difference was remarkable in just six weeks.

From there I moved into the work hardening.  A program that gradually works you up to eight hours of physical activity.  This is a difficult program, however, the staff at SRA has given me the tools and knowledge to be successful.  In fact, there will always be an Andy on my shoulder ready to correct me if I ever think about lifting wrong or get sloppy with my mechanics.

Bobby ValleyI have reached the Summit and the view is awesome.  I return to work in days.  I feel better now than before I was injured.  I can’t thank SRA enough for giving me my life back.  The front office staff, thank you, Brandi, Jo, and Tara for your positive words and awesome smiles.  I never worked one on one with therapist Caleb, but he was very encouraging.  Always positive and went out of his way to acknowledge my efforts.  Thank you Melissa, Drew and Andy.  All of you should be very proud because you are masters of your craft.  I have never been so at ease and willing to share my situation with any medical personnel as I was with you.  Lastly, I would like to thank the owners Jim, Bob and Zach for putting together an amazing staff.

Bobby J.

January 2015