What is posture?

Posture can be described as the position or carriage of the body. Human posture is influenced by many factors relating to one another including our musculolskeletal, neurologic and respiratory systems. These biological systems are influenced by sustained and patterned positions we uniquely and individually assume during our typical work day, recreational and sporting activities and activities of daily living.

Does posture really matter?

The net effect of sustained and patterned postural influences often leads to compensations within our movement system resulting in dysfunction and pain. Postural compensations can also impair your respiratory capacity. Common causes of musculoskeletal pain are directly related to underlying postural dysfunctions. How many people that work at the computer all day deal with neck, upper back, shoulder, wrist, elbow or low back pain?

What can be done about it?

Ron Hruska, founder of the Postural Restoration Institute, has developed a unique treatment approach that incorporates both manual (hands on) techniques and corrective exercises to address dysfunctional postural patterns. Through this unique and effective treatment approach, faulty postural patterns and muscular imbalances can be corrected enabling the body to function with optimal ‚Äúpositioning and carriage.” Joel Long, MPT, OCS has trained directly under Mr. Hruska and can provide a thorough Postural Restoration evaluation and treatment plan to help you overcome those nagging aches and pains.

Come see how much better you can feel through Postural Restoration. Contact Summit Rehabilitation Associates, Downtown Office to schedule an appointment that will get you started on your path to musculoskeletal and postural balance.