Jenn Pence, PT, DPT, Pelvic Health Specialist




Jenn joined the Summit Rehab team in February of 2020 with over 12 years of experience as a physical therapist. Jenn has worked in a variety of physical therapy settings including pediatrics, outpatient orthopedic, home health, and pelvic rehabilitation. This allows her the opportunity to work with patients of all ages and diagnoses but her […]

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David Enger, North & 5 Mile Clinic Director, PT, DPT, CFCE, CSMT





David was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado and graduated in 2016 with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Andrews University. He is an avid sports fan with a background in soccer, running, and personal training and has a passion for helping others attain optimum function in the activities they enjoy. David is currently continuing […]

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Angela Enger, OT, MOT, CFCE, Hand Specialist





Angela joined the Summit Rehab team in February of 2017 following graduation from Eastern Washington University’s Masters in Occupational Therapy Program. Prior to graduation, Angela completed a clinical rotation under Summit Rehab owner and therapist Bob Hoctor where she gained experience in work injury Management and ergonomics. Her current rehabilitation interests include work rehabilitation and […]

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Derek Lusk, Owner, Airway Heights Clinic Director, PT, DPT, OCS, CWcHP, CFCE




Derek has been practicing as a Physical Therapist since 2013. Following graduation from Eastern Washington University with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Derek began his career in the hospital setting, before joining the Summit Rehab team in May of 2014. Derek enjoys the challenge of working with various complex orthopedic conditions.


Work Injury Management Programs
Onsite Injury […]

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Daren Roybal, COTA/L





Daren joined the Summit Rehab team in July 2013 following his graduation from the Spokane Falls Community College COTA Program. Daren looks forward to advancing his career at Summit and continuing to grow as an Occupational Therapy Assistant. He enjoys being a part of the progress of helping people become more functional in their daily […]

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Diana Smith, PT, MPT, OCS, COMT, CLT, Cancer Rehabilitation and Pelvic Rehabilitation Specialist




Diana Smith has been practicing as a Physical Therapist since 1998. With the goal of providing the highest quality care she has continued advancement of her clinical skills by attending multiple continuing education courses and obtaining certifications in her areas of practice. Diana has extensive and eclectic additional training in manual therapy and exercise […]

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Robert (Bob) Hoctor, Owner/President, OTR/L, ATP, CEES, CWcHP, CFCE





Bob has been practicing as an Occupational Therapist since 1991. Following graduation from occupational therapy school, Bob worked at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. While working with persons with spinal cord injuries and brain injuries, he developed experience and expertise in the use of unique methods and equipment to allow persons with injuries or disabilities […]

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Brian Hartley, PTA, CEAS





Brian began his PTA career working in a sports orthopedic setting where he gained valuable experience in manual therapy treating the spine, upper and lower extremities and therapeutic activity. From there, Brian has taken many courses from the Institute of Physical Art that look at, assess and treat functional dysfunction.

“As a Physical Therapy Assistant, I […]

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