thumbs_pwsOur physical and occupational therapists are a diverse group of caring individuals. Each has unique attributes and skills that complete our comprehensive program. In addition to professional degrees, each has taken extensive professional development courses to enhance their skills and to ensure they are on the cutting edge of rehabilitation developments. Many also have specialty certifications. They are supported by a knowledgeable and friendly staff of physical therapy technicians, exercise specialists and medical office personnel.

Summit Rehabilitation Associate’s experienced staff provides comprehensive evaluations and treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction. Skilled manual therapy techniques and physical agent modalities are utilized when necessary and appropriate to facilitate healing and function. Clients are instructed in personalized therapeutic exercise programs tailored to their individual needs and expectations. Our therapists are committed to patient education and long term health awareness.


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Specialty Programs: Hand Therapy| Graston Technique | ASTYM (A-stim) | Lymphedema and Post-Cancer Rehabilitation | Fall Prevention | Parkinson’s Program | Foot Orthotics