Program Summary

As patients and workers heal and progress through their individual rehabilitation programs, you’ll certainly need to track their functional goals and milestones.

A functional capacity evaluation does just that, our therapists use specialized software and testing to prepare an objective report of qualified information. Armed with that accurate information, you’ll be able to plan for their safe return to work following an injury or illness.

The Kinesiophysical Approach

A skilled therapist, who is a certified functional capacity evaluator, can determine an individual’s safe maximum work capacity and sincerity of effort. Evaluations can be matched to specific needs or questions and are offered in one or two day format, job-specific testing or fitness for duty. Functional Capacity Evaluation Components include:

  • Physical examination of strength, flexibility and posture
  • Evaluation of Material Handling Abilities
  • Evaluation of Positional Tolerances
  • Hand Function and Coordination Tests
  • Repetitive Movement Tests
  • Cardiovascular Fitness Assessments
  • Consistency of effort testing
  • Clear and detailed reports with recommendations

All 3 Summit locations offer FCEs.