Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists provide assessments of functional capabilities to clients with orthopedic and neurological impairments, teach safe and appropriate methods to perform activities at work or home and recommend alternative methods or equipment to assist in activity performance. We provide evaluation and treatment in the areas of Activities of Daily Living, Independent Living, Mobility and Hand Function and Dexterity.

What Is An Occupational Therapist?

Injury Management

Occupational Therapists deal with helping a patient return to work with the unique ability to manage their injury. This could include any type of injury from your neck to your foot. Our occupational therapists are able to conduct ergonomic evaluations in order to prevent injuries as well as help relieve chronic pain. 

Observation Skills

Occupational Therapists have the observation skills, training and experience to perform complex task analysis and assessments of environmental factors affecting work and activity performance. Occupational therapists have expertise in function and teach skills for the job of living.

Assessment Skills

An occupational therapists has the unique combinations of skills and abilities necessary to assess the physical, psycho-physical and bio-mechanical function of persons engaged in occupation or activity.