With Diana’s help, I learned new exercises and techniques to use during my workouts to engage my muscles while maintaining an engaged pelvic floor. I am happy to have learned ways to improve my body without surgery, which I was certain I would need. I will continue these exercises on my own in hopes of even more improvement.
M. Johnson
My reach and strength have increased with much less pain. Exercises have decreased symptoms as well.
Camilla M.
Therapy has given me my ability back to 100%. The professionalism and the knowledge that the physician has provided me will ensure that I will be bale to manage my injury back to its fullest strength.
Michael T.
My rotator muscles and tendon strain didn’t allow my normal work to continue. My range has vastly increased and I am able to work with modified abilities and limited lifting. Summit has been the key to my quicker recovery and regained mobility.
Meredith M.
This was the most productive therapy experience I have ever had. Andy has the ability to feel the myofascial layers to apply the ASTYM Technique effectively. The results have been so appreciated! He thoughtfully addressed me to include back and shoulder factors which also contribute to my problems. Highly recommend this place in every way!
Barbara P.
I want to reiterate how much Summit Rehab has helped me. The professional care I was given in follow up to a dog mauling, not only brought physical improvement, but also emotional support and spiritual healing. I truly believe that there is a healing connection that becomes complete when physical, emotional and spiritual are all addressed. I received that in fulfillment from Summit in Spokane Valley.
I will forever be thankful for everyone at Summit, from the helpful and pleasant receptionists, to the therapists and doctors. May your blessings return as great as and even exceed what you have blessed me with.
Kitty S.
We have been long standing clients over many years. The entire staff is excellent, professional and caring. The physical results outstanding. The therapists are superior in knowledge and practices. The clinics are clean, new and/ or updated. Love Summit! Thank you for your caring, compassion and outstanding services!
Lisa H.
I like this place, the people are warm an Friendly. The people who have been helping me are way awesome. I get a sense of being cared for which I don’t get that at most places.
Allen V.
Very helpful! I loved the help I received and the staff we worked with are Amazing!
Shayna T.
This is a super friendly clean place for rehabilitation. I see Bryan he his wonderful has a really good bedside manner and always in a good mood. He helped me and answered all my crazy bazaar question I come up with. My ankle is getting better every visit. Thank you Bryan keep up the good work. Pain lets us know we are alive!! RIGHT?!?!?
Kylee E.
I started physical therapy with two goals in mind, and Bryan helped me achieve both. The first was to be able to walk during an international trip, and the second was to start regaining strength to safely go horseback riding again. Thank you Summit Rehab and Bryan!
Grace M.
I just spent four weeks with a great team of therapist’s. Hard work and lots of fun! Thanks Darin, Brian and Cathy, there are a few more but I worked with you the most, If you have an injury that needs fixed and you don’t want to suck at life this is the place to go, expect compassion, knowledge, laughter and encouragement. Thank you All!
Ellen F.
This place completely changed my life. I highly recommend this place. The staff is very knowledgeable and compassionate to each individual’s specific needs. After three neck surgeries in one year, I am finally beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel!
Steffanee H.
If you’re in need of expert, kind, professional and personalized physical therapy, this is the place to go! Thanks, Summit Rehab!
Cheryl C.
The folks at Summit Rehab are truly the best of the best!! They kicked my butt after my injury and I can happily say, I have not had any problems with my back since! These guys (and gals)!ROCK!
Cheryl B.
I saw Jim and Cathy during my PT. Both very professional yet personable and caring. Appreciate their compassion towards my injury and frustration of limited activity. The program they implemented for me was easy to understand and helpful. I felt that I was educated about the nature of my injury and the treatment I could participate in to increase my healing faster. After four months my arm is stronger and pain level has almost been eliminated. I know and understand how to protect myself as I move forward with my life activities and work. Thanks to everyone at Summit!
Carol G.
With much encouragement and comfortable exercises, I have achieved progress in the use of my shoulder and golf swing is nearly back to normal. My posture is greatly improved and clothes fit better. With a diagnosis of a large amount scar tissue I have been greatly helped with massage therapy to break down the scar tissue, this freeing my muscles to move better and strengthen.
Jane R.
I went from listing 50lbs to 80lbs chest high & 30 lbs to 50 lbs head high in 6 weeks. My endurance has doubled and I now feel I can work a 40 hour week.
Justin W.
Great group of people. I would recommend anyone in need of therapy to this clinic. Zach and staff were very caring and professional.
Jason M.
For months I was in bed without being able to do anything. Now I can walk, sit, sleep…and the painkillers; I don’t have the need to take the amount that I used to (12/day). Overall, I feel much better now and feel that I can go back to do some of the activities that I used to do.
Thank you for everything!
Maria A.
When I started my arm was basically a paperweight after my surgery. My range of motion is relatively close to where it was before all this with a few exceptions. I am also a lot stronger than 4 months ago. I am very happy to be where i am and anticipate improvement with the continuation of the exercises I’ve been given.
Erik S.
I can live. Very simply, I not only have the quality of life back I have before surgery, but I have better. I have the skills to keep improving my health after I am discharged.
Thank you!
Lori P.
The work hardening program has given me more confidence in my body and well being. It has made me stronger from head to toe. I came here lifting only 2-4 lb weights and have increased my weight in all activities dramatically. Every one of the staff here at Summit is very knowledgeable in their job. They also are the nicest and friendliest group of people I think I’ve ever met. I have, and will continue, to recommend Summit to anyone who may need help. I wish I could stay longer.
Rob S.
Derek was thorough and yet compassionate. I always knew he cared how I was feeling. The front desk staff have become practically part of my life after the year and 4 months I have been coming here. Love you all! Thank you for giving my life back to me.
LeAnne K.
My lumbar strain prevented me from working. The exercises and stretching that was taught to me helped so much. Coming here was very informative too about my muscles, etc. to help me understand what I needed to do to get better. Both Brian’s I saw were awesome and the front desk staff was professional and friendly.
Dena R.
It is really too much to write. I can tuck my shirt with little symptoms, range of motion and pain are so much better. I can’t thank you all enough!
Ryan B.
Excellent in explaining my problems diagnostically.
Excellent in answering questions and explaining exercises.
Excellent in encouraging the slightest step in progress.
Scott F.
I have returned to normal activity and have few symptoms from my surgery. The exercise program was excellent in helping me get stronger. All personnel here were wonderful and very helpful.
Edward C.
When I first came in here I was very restricted on the way I could move. Over time the therapist taught me how important stretching is so I can move without hurting. I thank Summit for showing me the exercises to achieve the goals I want to. And most of all showing me steps so I don’t injure myself again.
Richard F.
Diana Smith has been amazing! Her positive attitude has given me confidence that I will heal completely. I am sleeping better, in less pain/discomfort and able to do more.
Carolyn N.
It was so helpful in helping me to know how to help myself in beneficial ways and the massage of the knee was relief of pain and stiffness immediately! Helped me have confidence for using my knee again!
JoAnne B.