Our Valuable Therapy Staff

Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants

James H. Strandy
James H. StrandyPT, CHT, CEA, Hand Specialist, CFCE
Zach Strandy
Zach StrandyOwner/Vice President, PT, DPT, CFCE, CWcHP
Derek Lusk
Derek LuskOwner, Airway Heights Clinic Director, PT, DPT, OCS, CWcHP, CFCE
Bryan Garner
Bryan GarnerValley Clinic Director, PT, DPT, CFCE, CEAS
Diana Smith
Diana SmithPT, MPT, OCS, COMT, CLT, Pelvic Health Specialist
Barbara Moe
Barbara MoePT, MPT
Caitlin Yahne
Mark McLeod
David Enger
David EngerNorth & 5 Mile Clinic Director, PT, DPT, CFCE, CSMT
Jenn Pence
Jenn PencePT, DPT, Pelvic Health Specialist
Zach Collins
Zach CollinsPT, DPT
Patrick McKillop
Patrick McKillopDowntown Clinic Director, PT, DPT, SFMA, FMS, ImPACT, CFCE
Janelle Hanni
Janelle HanniPT, DPT, CAPP-Pelvic, Pelvic Health Specialist
Steven Cordovana
Steven CordovanaPT, DPT
Stephen Landeene
Stephen LandeenePT, DPT, LSVTBIG, CFCE
Aaron Molina
Aaron MolinaPT, DPT, LSVTBIG
Brian Hartley
Brian HartleyPTA, CEAS
Brandon Belloir
Brandon BelloirPT, DPT
Cody Kenison
Cody KenisonPT, DPT, CSCS
Hailey DelRiccio
Hailey DelRiccioPT, DPT
John-Robert Woolley
John-Robert WoolleyPT, DPT
Daniel Tarasov
Daniel TarasovPTA
Jessica Robinson
Jessica RobinsonPTA
Sabrina Earle
Sabrina EarlePTA
Kendra Howard
Kendra HowardPTA

Occupational Therapists and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants

Robert Hoctor
Robert HoctorOwner/President, OTR/L, ATP, CEES, CWcHP, CFCE
Angela Enger
Angela EngerOT, MOT, CFCE, Hand Specialist
Mitch Riddle
Mitch RiddleOT, MOT, Hand Specialist
Payton Walling
Payton WallingOTD, OTR/L
Ande Caine
Ande CaineOT, MOT
Hannah Melick
Hannah MelickMOTR/L
Daren Roybal
Daren RoybalCOTA/L